Zabbix integration


(Evgeny Berladin) #1

Hi !

I’m using Zabbix Server v3.2 in Docker container.
What is the better way to integrate Zabbix with Pagerduty: API or Zabbix agent ?
I have troubles with running pdagent in docker container.

(Alex Maier) #2

What kind of issues are you having running pdagent with Docker? Are you running it as a foreground process?

(James Liang) #3


I am running Zabbix server using the official zabbix alpine image. Is there a way to install the pagerduty agent in alpine linux? Or is there a way to link Zabbix server container with a separated pagerduty installed container?

I don’t think install the pagerduty agent on the Docker host would work for this kind of setup.

(Jay Paige) #4

Hey James! Thanks so much for waiting! I am touching base with our support engineers here at PagerDuty to see what options you might have. Thanks for your patience!

(Jay Paige) #5

Hey James! Thanks so much for waiting! I found a community post created by one by of our support engineers that will support you in installing the PagerDuty agent on your end. Please click here to navigate to the post. Please let me know if you have any further questions and I will more than happy to help out.

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