Zabbix 2.2 integration.




I’ve installed and configured pdagent on my zabbix 2.2 server. I’ve configured actions in Zabbix and it’s ok, i see the “sent” flag in audit action but anything’s coming in PagerDuty :frowning:

I’ve make manual test to send an alert with :

and it’s ok.

I’ve inspected the pdagent debug log when Zabbix execute action but the queue is always empty.

Do you have an idea for this problem ?

(Jonathan Curry) #2

It sounds like pdagent is working fine, and that the issue may actually be that alerts just aren’t making their way from Zabbix to pdagent. This can happen due to incomplete configuration, or may be an SELinux-related issue if you have a system with that enabled.

The best place to start would probably be the “Potential Issues within the Zabbix Configuration” section of the Zabbix troubleshooting guide:

Do you see any errors in Monitoring → Events under Message actions (Zabbix 2) or in Reports → Action Log under Status (Zabbix 3)?

(system) #3