While incident.trigger payload is sending the response to endpoint url, how to work with incident.resolve event type in python


(Sangeetha Venkatesh) #1

Hello, I am willing to create webhook for type incident.resolve. While endpoint is added under the service, incident.trigger payload is posted to the endpoint url. How to work with incident.resolve in python. I want to get payload when incident.resolve event type is triggered. Please help.

(geeth) #2

Hi Sangeetha,

When using webhooks, PagerDuty automatically sends these webhook types for the incident.

If you are attempting to obtain just the incident.resolve webhook type, it wouldn’t be possible.

Do you mind elaborating on your use-case for why you require that webhook alone but not the initial (or other) incident action types?

We use HTTP Post to send the callbacks for changes on the incident. Here is the example for resolve.


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