What's the best way to configure notification as assignee and responder



That may be a basic question, but I can’t seem to find a good solution for this.

We’re trying to use more PagerDuty features, and adding responders/response plays sound really cool!

But… when being added as a responder (either manually or by a response play), the notification method to a responder is each contact method for high urgency notification rules, meaning I got a lot of notification when added as a responder.

That is because when I’m on-call, as I want to be sure to be woken up in case of incident, I got the following rules:

  • at 0min: Push notification on my cell (because in my opinion, it’s the best way to acknowledge/respond to an incident)
  • at 5min: SMS (in case I don’t have cellular data)
  • at 15min: Phone call (in case I slept through the previous notification(s)… yea that happened once)

Needless to say, when I get added as a responder, my phone goes crazy! I get all 3 at the same time (Push, SMS and phone call). So we kinda put these features on hold for now (as I’m not the only one that have multiple notification rules), but I think it could be cool to use them.

What are you doing to prevent these kind of issues? I’ve talked to different people during the Summit, but no one seems to have this kind of issue or an alternative.


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Hi Baptiste,

Thanks for the details information.

As a responder, you’ll receive the request to join an incident response on each of your contact methods used by your high-urgency notification rules which have the lowest notification delay, as you’ve seemed to have noticed!

Unfortunately there isn’t an option to currently change the contact methods. However, I’d be happy to pass your feedback about wanting to choose how to be notified for responders notifications internally.




Hi Jay,

Thanks for the answer. I would love that, or better, that it uses the notification rules in place.

I just wanted to see if other users had find a good balance between the two situations.

Thanks again

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