Unable to update custom details of incident/alert with dedup key using Events API v2


Can anyone help me with some guidance on how I can update the custom details on consecutive events being sent with the same dedup key? I had to follow through the incident timeline and click on “View message” to get the latest custom detail.

Instead it’d be better if the update is being reflected in the original event, so that it is easy for the person on-call decipher the latest and greatest update across all servers.

For example, I make a POST request to https://events.pagerduty.com/v2/enqueue with the request body

    "routing_key": "<redacted>",
    "event_action": "trigger",
    "dedup_key": "Warning-mx",
    "images": [],
    "links": [],
    "payload": {
        "summary": "Test alert",
        "source": "test",
        "severity": "info",
        "custom_details": {
        	"message": "Test message"

And, then update the payload.custom_details.message to “Test message 2”, in subsequent events, I have to follow the incident timeline to get the latest message.

Maybe I am missing something, or there is a better way of doing this using PagerDuty API?


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P.S: Correction, I have to go to Alert log, not the incident timeline, to get the latest custom_detail.

Hi Vinay,

Thanks for writing to us about this. Right now this isn’t possible without resolving and triggering a new incident. We’ve heard this feedback before and are considering the best ways to address it.

In the meantime, an incident is updated in these ways to show that it’s got more alerts grouping in it:

  • a blinking indicator near the alerts
  • updated alert counts
  • header information below the title that says "last alerted added


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