Trigger PagerDuty alarm with Amazon SNS

I’m trying to trigger a PagerDuty alarm via Amazon SNS. I’ve tried creating a Custom Event Transformer, it fired once when I put the integration key/url into a SNS subscription.

  1. How would I go about confirming the subscription with the Custom Event Transformer?
  2. I’ve read that the CloudWatch integration is picky about the message format coming from SNS so I didn’t go that route. But I will try it.

Thanks for any tips/ideas on how to trigger a PagerDuty alarm with a simple SNS message.

I figured this out for anyone curious.

  1. use the custom event transformer and leave the js sample as is
  2. go to aws sns and click the ‘request confirmation’ button
  3. navigate to the alert in pagerduty
  4. copy the subscription url out of the resulting payload
  5. go back to aws sns, check the box next to the pager duty subscription and click the confirm subscription button.
  6. paste the subscription url into the form field

Now whenever the sns topic is triggered it will trigger an alarm in pager duty.