To get notified when PD incident is resolved


(Sangeetha Venkatesh) #1

Hello, we want to know is there any set up if we want team to get notified when inc is resolved by another team. Because the process is to reassign to correct team once the higher level engineers resolved the inc. please elaborate on how webhooks can be used here, or provide if watchers in PagerDuty works to get the team notified after inc is resolved. Hoping for an answer!

(Chiedu Uraih) #2

It will be great to have more details as to workflow. For instance, in PagerDuty, an Incident that has been resolved is not assigned to a user so it cannot be reassigned in the first instance.
Can I ask that you send an email to for we can get to the bottom of this.

That said one tool that can be used to enhance communication among Teams is Slack. Webhooks is also another option in this regard as notifications will be sent to a specific URL when there is a change in the status of an incident.

(system) #3