Tips for not waking a SO while on-call


(Owen Kim) #1

What are some tools and practices for being on-call and not waking up a significant other at night?

I’ve been trying to keep my phone on vibrate but against a hard surface so that it creates a low, consistent noise. My Fitbit should also be vibrating but it hasn’t been getting me up.

(Alex Maier) #2

If you have an Android phone, there are some smartwatches out there that have stronger vibrating motors.

If your SO sleeps with a eye mask on, you could rig up a flashing light to wake you up (if that sort of thing would actually wake you up).

Or you could go for a low-tech solution and sleep in another room.

(Mark Matta) #3

Flashing lights to the rescue

(Matt Stratton) #4

I wonder if alerts come through on the SleepPhones - I used to have a pair and slept with them every night to fall asleep listening to ebooks - if alerts come through on them, you could have them on (they’re VERY comfortable to sleep in) and voila.