Share your #oncallselfie on Twitter


(Oscar Linares) #1

Did you know that you can easily share your frustration or entertainment of being On Call with the #oncallselfie straight from your mobile PagerDuty app. That is if you are into selfies and social interaction while being haunted by the fact that you are on call!

Here’s how you can do exactly that in less than 60 seconds!

:twitter: #oncallselfie

(Kristi Farinelli) #2

Lol. Making note of this for the next 3AM :pager:.

(Anton Van Oosbree) #3

On-call selfies were fun while they lasted, but, as of May 2018, we’ve decided to retire them out of the mobile app. You can still follow along on the greater Twitter community with #oncallselfie.

(system) #4