Severity level of alerts triggered by Spotlight

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I have recently set up our Spotlight to use the rest APIv2 into pager duty. I realize that the documentation says spotlight uses rest v1 and some values could be depreciated, but the connect is working.
I recently set up an alarm in Spotlight to trigger based of a disk percentage. I also set a condition to trigger it if meet a severity level in spotlight of medium or high.

I created two event rules trying to lower the severity of each. I used the data from the api call and set up an event rule for each severity from spotlight as follows:
Alarm = name of Disk - Percentage used
Severity = Medium
route to {group}
set severity to warning


Alarm = name of Disk - Percentage used
Severity = High
route to {group}
set severity to critical

However, I do not think these rules are being used because the spotlight alarm for a medium or High severity, always triggers as critical in pagerduty

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Hi Ian,

Please feel free to send us an email to so that we can assist you with troubleshooting.

We’ll need to get some account specific information from you such as a link to an example incident where you saw this behavior occur.


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