Sending incident directly to user

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Hey ya’ll!

I’m curious if incidents can be sent directly to users without creating an escalation policy? Our use-case is that for some alerts, while actionable, are so low-priority that we’d like to send the alert directly to an individual owner. From the “Create new service” dialog, it seems that I can only attach the service to an escalation policy. I’d strongly prefer not to ask my users to create individual escalation policies, which would pollute the namespace.

Is there something I’m not seeing? Please advise, and thanks in advance!

All the best,
Joe Nap

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Hi Joe,

Having an escalation policy, a user placed on it, or on-call on a schedule placed on it, and having it be associated to a service is required for a service to be able to trigger and assign incidents to a user.

The most simple configuration would be to create an escalation policy for the one user you’d like to send these low-urgency incidents to, perhaps named “User A’s EP”, and have User A be placed directly on that escalation policy in order to be assigned all incidents that are sent to this EP.

I understand your use case though and why you may not want to clutter your account with such escalation policies. I’d be happy to submit your feedback to our product team since you hope for this to work differently.

Let us know if you have any further questions or feedback.

Thank you,

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Thanks for the reply! I appreciate you passing off the info to the product team. We will definitely take the escalation policies into consideration.

Thanks again,
Joe Nap

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