Send Alerts based on Alert Level(High,Low) and time of day


(Gregory Cooper) #1

How can we change up PagerDuty so that we can send lower priority alerts to it that won’t get paged in the middle of the night? We want something we can reuse for different kinds of alerts that belong in this category.

Alert Y - Only page for old items during normal business hours on weekdays. Continue paging for high item count 24x7.

(Trish Watson) #2

You can use our support hours feature to achieve this. This setting is useful for teams who rely on support hours to give their team a rest during off-hours, but want to make sure that any incidents that come in during that time will be dealt with some urgency by their team once their support hours begin.

(Juraj Michálek) #3

Hi I would like to ask if it would be possible to add option do not notify ( so I do not get pagged with low priority alerts during night), as far as I know there isn’t such option now.

(Simon Fiddaman) #4

Hi @kak3n,

You’re talking about alert suppression (which isn’t an option that can be bound to time-based alerting at all, and Event Rules where they live doesn’t implement any time-based decisions).

What if you reduce the notifications for your Low Urgency alerting in the meantime, e.g. to email only?

It’s not a perfect solution, but it might be enough – you may need to move the boundary where you differentiate between High and Low Urgency alerts so you don’t miss “almost important” ones because you’re only receiving an email alert.


(system) #5