Route incidents by severity

I was told by sales that PD could route alerts to different notification groups by severity. I am unable to find this feature. The only thing I can do is change severity. Has anyone been able to accomplish this?

Hi Daniel,

I’m not sure I fully understand the statement “route alerts to different notification groups by severity. “

You can configure the settings inside your service to notify based on severity. This is useful if you want info/warning to be low urgency while keeping error/critical as high urgency notifications, without having to create multiple services for the same application.

You can also use global event routing rules to actually route alerts to different escalation policies, depending on the payload. For example, an event containing the following data:


Could get auto routed using global event rules to a service called myapp-low urgency which might be supported by a different escalation policy than myapp-high urgency.

Hope this helps.

As Paul mentioned before me, you should be able to use Global Event Rules to achieve that functionality. If anything is unclear, feel free to reach out at so we can assist with your specific use-case.

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