Response play integration with Service Now



Sorry for the Noob question, but I’m starting to set up response plays for my teams and was wondering if anyone has had success integrating Servicenow tickets and new slackrooms using a response play?

(Simon Fiddaman) #2

Is creating a Slack Channel an option for response plays? If not I feel like it should be. Sounds like a great feature.

(Jade Paoletta) #3

Hi Simon!

That does sound like a great feature - as of now, we don’t offer this functionality with response plays. It sounds like this may be possible to do with Custom Incident Actions, using a bit of custom logic.

Either way, we’ll go ahead and submit a feature request on this one.


(Simon Fiddaman) #4

Hi @derrick.moreno,

I’ve been speaking with some other users about their integration with ServiceNow - they’re all using full integration (which I think means each PagerDuty Incident creates a ServiceNow… thing).

If you want to create these individually, I’d definitely look at the Custom Incident Actions which @Jade_Paoletta mentioned above (Response play integration with Service Now); these would give you a fancy button(s) in the Incident which could potentially do the things you’re looking at.

Having said that, these look more suited to webhook style urls which contain the encoded token - as distinct from calling authenticated API functionality which is what would be required to e.g. create a Slack Channel. You’d probably need to write something like a lambda function or other external broker which responds to a webhook you can call from within PagerDuty, and which holds an API key which the function can use to create the Slack Channels (and maybe then invite others into the Channel, etc. ).

I don’t think Response Plays do anything like this now - it’s more for notification things which you want to enact selectively

Hope that helps,

(Paul Rechsteiner) #5

Hi @derrick.moreno & @simonfiddaman - Paul Rechsteiner here, product manager at PagerDuty. Simon & Jade are bang on - response plays are currently oriented around automating PD incident activities such as adding responders or subscribers, setting conference bridge details on an incident, or sending out status updates. Also, custom incident actions could probably be used as Simon suggested to whip together something.

However, we’re looking into providing facilities to incorporate custom actions or similar directly into response plays, which sounds like it could then be used with some external scripting glue to do what you’re looking for. We don’t have a specific timeframe when we’re expecting this capability, but I’ll add you to the list of users that would be interested in working with it when it’s available.


(Scott Braunstein) #6

This is something that we also would definitely be interested in.

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