PagerDuty Webhook Looping

Good Afternoon,

I have a new problem in PagerDuty where the Webhook is firing multiple times on itself, which is causing a lot of work notes to be added to a ServiceNow ticket which in turn generating a lot of emails, this is also happening with Resolve and Acknowledging a ticket.

Screen shot of the PagerDuty Webhook Imports:

Any suggestions on where to look to resolve this would be great.

Kind Regards

Bored Panda

Hi Ashley,

For troubleshooting of this variety, it may be good for us to do some close-up investigation of the incidents and webhooks being sent to know why this may be happening.

I wouldn’t want to ask for the specifics we’d need to know and obtain here over the forum, but it would be great to have a Support ticket opened so we can gather this all there.

Please reach out to and feel free to reference this Community post. We’ll get back to you there with further info and questions!


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