PagerDuty for Developers with Amelia Shiu, John Baldo, Sweta Ackerman, and Abdullah Siddiqui


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At PagerDuty, we get super excited seeing customers extend the platform in unique and interesting ways using our flexible API and developer tools. In this session, you’ll see some of the coolest third-party apps built on top of PagerDuty – by folks like you – as well as how to install apps created by the rest of the PagerDuty Community. We’ll also deep dive into how you can build your own apps to customize your PagerDuty instance and turn any signal into insight and action–exactly how you like it!

:studio_microphone: Speakers

Amelia Shiu, Director of Product Management, PagerDuty
John Baldo, Product Manager - Platform, PagerDuty
Sweta Ackerman, Sr. Engineering Manager - Platform, PagerDuty
Abdullah Siddiqui, Site Reliability Engineer, Xero

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