PagerDuty Email Incidents Triggered notification subject


(PrvSup) #1

I want to know if it’s possible to customize the email notification subject. It just indicates something like this: “[PagerDuty ALERT] You have 7 TRIGGERED Incidents”.

This is not really friendly and I would like to know if it’s possible to receive separate e-mails for each alert and if I can set in the subject the trigger name or a partial description of the alert.

Thank you.

(Jonathan Curry) #2

It’s not currently possible to customize the subject or content of notification emails, nor to disable notification bundling (the feature that combines multiple incidents/alerts in a short period into a single notification).

I know our product managers would love to hear how these would be useful to you though, so could you please elaborate / let us know more about why you would be interested in customizing emails and disabling notification bundling?


I think this would useful as well… one thing we do is to use PagerDuty to send emails to a third party support vendor, as a method of engagement. It would be nice if the email subject could be modified to include our company name, etc. so that its more clear who the email is regarding, as its coming from pagerduty and not us directly.

(Anton Van Oosbree) #4

The Product Team is still gathering info about this, and it’s good to hear how it’d help you personalize emails to third parties.

I’ll add this info to the request Jonathan started!

(Stefan Särne) #5

This would be super useful, I have missed it several times.

The use case is going through the mail box and already on subject be able to know what it is and mark it as read. The number is not enough and internal ID is not very helpful in subject.

One way to handle the shorter format, would be to give each alert a configurable tag, a short name.

One approach to handle many alerts of the same type, is to bundle them on the tag, the number is interesting.

One approach to handle many alerts of different types, would be to look at them as one, two and then many. Those two special cases would be quite helpful.


(Phil Mc Mahon) #6

This would be great!

(system) #7