PagerBeauty: open source tool to show PagerDuty on-calls on dashboards (f.e. DataDog)


(Sergii Tkachenko) #1


I wanted to share my free open source PagerDuty integration I was working in my spare time: PagerBeauty

It shows who’s on PagerDuty call. I created it because there wasn’t a good way to add active on-calls to DataDog dashboards, but it should work with any other dashboard that allows embedding iframes. It uses REST API v2, and I’m actively working on adding new features, like using Webhooks V2 to change colors to red on an active incident assigned to an engineer.

Here’s how it looks like:

The project got some traction from DataDog, they even presented it on re:Invent 2018! Was really surprised about that.

I appreciate any feedback and will answer all your questions on twitter @sergiitk or GitHub sergiitk/pagerbeauty.

With best regards,
Sergii Tkachenko

(Sergii Tkachenko) #2

Before/after on DataDog dashboards:

(Jonathan Curry) #3

That is beautiful @sergiitk! Nice improvement over the standard DD timeline view. Can’t wait to see how this project evolves :slight_smile:

(Sergii Tkachenko) #4

Thank you, @jcurreee! I’ll keep posting major feature updates in this thread.

Also, I was wondering what can I do to get this project listed on PagerDuty API V2 Example REST API Projects page. I see there are Go and Python examples. PagerBeauty is using JavaScript, so it could be a useful addition to the list.

Something like:

PagerBeauty | PagerDuty on-call dashboard widget written
in JavaScript using Fetch API. DataDog compatible.

(Jonathan Curry) #5

Done! It might not show up for you immediately and/or it may show up then disappear, just depends on which CDN you hit. They’ll all serve the updated page in a few hours.

(Sergii Tkachenko) #6

Yes, I can see it now! Thank you so much, @jcurreee!