On-call status in persistent app notification icon


(Sven Ulland) #1

It would be nice to have the option in the mobile app to show a permanent notification icon (with text if you pull down the notification bar), describing my on-call status:

  • If I’m currently on call: Show an icon indicating “active” or “enabled”, with a text (with green/red background?) saying that I’m currently on call, and the status of incidents.
  • If I’m off duty: Show an icon indicating “idle” or “inactive”, with a text (with grey background?) saying that I’m currently not on any duty.

Background: Our schedule is hard to memorize, so I often have to check the schedule to see whether I’m on call or not, even after having received the “you’re now on call” notification a day or more before. I want to know my on-call status before turning on airplane mode for the night, without having to click several times to see my status.

(John O'Donnell) #2

HI Sven,

Thanks for reaching out. As you suggested, I am afraid this is not something we have right now, but I will pass this idea along as a feature request to our mobile team, along with the use case description. What could help in the mean time is to add an export of the schedule to your personal calendar, its not exactly what you wanted but it would mean less clicks if you are looking up your calendar on your phone! Check out how to do this here.

Thanks again for taking the time to connect and let us know what would improve your day to day.

Kind regards,

(Benjamin Bertow) #3

If this is implemented (and I would highly appreciate it as well!) I would suggest to allow a setting to

  • never show this notification
  • always show this notification
  • only show this notification when I’m on duty

(system) #4