Notifications for updates to PD outgoing phone numbers for iOS users

Is there any way to know when I need to update my PagerDuty vCard on iOS?

I know that PagerDuty recently updated the iOS app so that it can automatically update the vCard for PD (in Oct 2019, see here).

This is helpful, but it has what I think is a major downside – it only updates the vCard when you actually launch the application:

Currently the behaviour is that after you have chosen “Update PagerDuty Contact Card” once, every time you launch the app afterwards, the app will update your PagerDuty Contact Card (if there are any changes to be applied) in the background without user interaction.

(^ from the topic I linked above)

I rarely launch the app so it sounds like my vCard is not likely to get updated and I may miss notifications.

This is especially important for iOS users, since phone calls are the only way to break through Do-Not-Disturb mode for alerts.

Assuming I’m understanding the above correctly, are any of the following possible?

  1. Can the app be made to update the vCard w/o having to launch the app?
  2. Is there something I can do on my end to automate this somehow on my iPhone? Maybe via personal automation via the Apple Shortcuts app? Or even via some other 3rd party tool?
  3. Could PD publish an RSS feed that gets updated when the vCard is updated? (This was also suggested in that old topic that I linked above). Then I could at least set up my own notification so that I can launch the app manually to trigger a vCard update.



There are plans to include wth the next update to the iOS app a fix that updates the PagerDuty vCard silently in the background once every 7 days if the user has already granted permissions to the PagerDuty app to manage contacts. I believe that would address your concern. It should be deployed soon. Please do keep an eye out.



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