Notifications Based on Data Passed to PagerDuty


(Matt) #1

Hello All,

So I read in another topic that the only way to currently use High/Low Urgency notifications, is to have a “Service” dedicated to using either High or Low Urgency.

Is this still the case?

If so, maybe there is another method for our case, using something other then High/Low urgency.

For example, we are using PagerDuty with our Nagios Server. Nagios sends notifications with the status OK (*issue resolved), WARNING, CRITICAL and UNKNOWN.

Is there anyway to send notifications based on those factors sent from Nagios (*i.e. WARNING and CRITICAL messages)? I remember during our trial there was an option under the Configuration tab to perform actions based on strings/Regexs found in notifications received by PagerDuty, but I dont see this anymore, so maybe that was in a higher-price range then what we purchased…?

Does that make sense? If not, I can try and explain further…

Thanks in Advance,

(Jay Paige) #2

Hey Matt! Thanks so much for waiting! Yes, that is correct. Urgencies are based on a service level. Yes, this makes perfect sense! An option that you have is it to utilize Event Rules. Event Rules define automated actions to take on alerts created by services, based on conditions that apply to information in the inbound events’ payloads. Event Rules can perform such actions as setting the severity of the resulting alert or automatically suppressing the alert altogether. Here is a link to our guide on how to set up Event Rules.

(system) #3