Not Enough Cat Photos? Re-Introducing OkCats


(Clare Kaluzynski) #1

Thanks to this tweeter for reminding us of this great little blog post from PagerDuty’s past - this is a fun way to familiarize yourself with a simple API-based integration on a service and run some tests as you’re learning about Escalation Policies, Notification Rules, and the like.



That was me…thank you! I love using OKCats to onboard new Engineers when they start support shifts. It helps lessen the anxiety of being on call.


I think it’s broken again…sad cat!

(Jonathan Curry) #4

Looks like we’ve changed security settings on since last fixed it. Will think about how to get this working again and keep you posted.

(Jonathan Curry) #5

I’ve converted this tool to a PagerDuty Add-on. You can set it up in your account by going to ConfigurationExtensionsAdd-ons and clicking :heavy_plus_sign: New Add-on. Set the name to OkCats (or whatever you prefer) and the URL to:

Which will produce this: