Netsuite Integration


(Brett) #1

Hey Everyone,

Has anyone ever integrated Netsuite with Pagerduty?

We are looking for a way to monitor scrips and jobs in Netsuite.


(Crystal J. Mendoza) #2

Hey Brett,

You can view a list of all the integrations we offer here.

Unfortunately, it seems that no one has used Netsuite with PagerDuty yet.

If you would like, I can submit a Feature Request with our product team on your behalf asking them to build this integration?

In the interim, you can integrate PagerDuty with any tool that can send an email or make an API call by setting up the service as an Email Integration or by integrating directly with our API.

(Jonathan Curry) #4

Hey @bferris,

A fair bit of NetSuite’s documentation isn’t public, so we had to do some digging here, but it looks like there are a few different ways you can approach this:

Email PagerDuty Integration on Unhandled Script Errors

To trigger a PagerDuty incident when there’s an unhandled script error, the easiest thing to do would be to set up an email integration in PagerDuty, then head over to the script you want to monitor in NetSuite and go to the Unhandled Errors tab. In addition to notifying yourself, admins, etc., you can specify any email address you like - like a PagerDuty integration email address.

You can get more details on what all of the options mean in NetSuite’s Add or Remove Notification from Scripts article (requires NetSuite access).

Capture Script Errors & Send to PagerDuty Events API

If you want to trigger PagerDuty incidents on errors in a SuiteScript, which is based on JavaScript, you can capture errors and send them to the PagerDuty Events API by using the N/https module (documentation at page 463 of this PDF).

Ensure Scripts Are Running with Dead Man’s Snitch and PagerDuty Integration

If you just want to make sure your scripts are running as expected, consider making a simple call to Dead Man’s Snitch (or similar service) from your script. Dead Man’s Snitch can trigger a PagerDuty incident if it stops hearing from your scripts/jobs after a certain period time.

I hope this helps! Let us know what you end up doing :slight_smile:

(system) #5