Missing API endpoint in the Docs


(Justin Griffin) #1

Hey it looks like list response plays endpoint is missing from docs. It does exist though as i have been able to use it.

(Thomas Roach) #2

We sometimes choose to purposefully not document certain aspects of, and limits to our API endpoints, for the purpose of ensuring customers not relying on what would be stated there – if an endpoint is not listed in the public docs, that means it could be changed or revised and we’d prefer that customers not consider that part of the reference as a source of truth.

(Justin Griffin) #3

Sure Tom. Just an FYI you have Run a Response Play in the docs and that requires the response_play_id. I was only able to find that id by examining the URL link for the response play in the UI (which I suspect is not the intended approach) or by running get /response_plays/. so the run API is pretty much useless with out the accompanying “List Response Plays”. Should I assume that both response play apis not intended for customer use yet or is it an oversight that run was released with out list?

(Paul Rechsteiner) #4

Hi Justin - we’re providing the Run A Play endpoint for users that really need to automate the running of them, and don’t have the breadth of API support yet for browsing/listing/etc. As you suggested, the current best way to get a response play ID is by grabbing it from the URL when browsing the PagerDuty web application. We’ll also be adding a more straightforward way to grab play IDs from the web app - stay tuned!


(Justin Griffin) #5

ok thanks for the heads up. For the time being I will not expose the list response plays capability in our service, but will enable run a response play.

(Thomas Roach) #6

Hi Justin,

Sounds good!

I’ll go ahead and close out this ticket, and if you have any other questions, feel free to reply to this email or write in to support@pagerduty.com.

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