Microsoft Teams Integration - missing incident subject in teams - Update?

In the last thread, Sean mentioned he would follow up with Microsoft. That was in May, its now September and the thread was auto-closed in June with no further update from the PagerDuty team. Did PD ever hear anything back from Microsoft on this? Teams is now bigger than slack.

Does PD have any plans to enhance the MS Teams integration to have more feature parity with the Slack integration?

Hi @ryang and @JonHanseling

Yes, we still have plans to work on an updated Microsoft Teams integration (work started this month).

If you’ll be attending PagerDuty Summit, we’ll be showing off a prototype for what we are working on and would love to get your feedback.



Hi Sean, unfourently while I’d love to attend I won’t be able to. If you guys plan to prototype it via Web Session or email I’d be happy to provide any feedback. I’m glad to hear that progress is being made thanks for the update!

@sean appreciate the feedback. I’m unable to attend PagerDuty Summit this year, but would also love to participate in any type of feedback session remotely if possible.

Glad to hear improvements are underway.

I will be attending along with several of my team mates. We look forward to see what are the planned improvements and offer feedback. Basically, we want the same features as the Slack integration (full chatops capabilities). :slight_smile: I had setup an alternative integration with AWS Lambda and API Gateway to get something usable for now.

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