Maintenance Window Permissions


(Paul Manning) #1

I am trying to allow my responders the ability to self-manage the maintenance window settings. Currently that is an option for the Manager role. Is there a way to grant this permission to the responder?

(Malcolm Konner) #2

Hi Paul!

The ability to create maintenance windows is tied to the ability to add, edit, and delete services. You can grant responders advanced permissions to have manager access to just the services that they’d require the ability to create maintenance windows on.

You unfortunately can not decouple the ability to edit/delete the service and create maintenance windows on the service so users would gain that ability too which you should be aware of.

You can set such permissions by referring to our Knowledge Base article on permissions here which outlines the steps in a nice illustrated fashion:

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you,

(system) #3