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We recently upgraded our LibreNMS to 7.2.15. Everything seems to be working aside from our PagerDuty integration. I’m relatively new to the organization and I’m not sure how the integration was set up originally. I have gone through and converted the base templates in “Alert Templates” in LibreNMS, but I’m not sure how to get PagerDuty notifications back up and running.

Any suggestions on where to find PagerDuty templates would be appreciated.

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Hi Zack,

The integration guide for the LibreNMS is available here. If the integration guide does not work as expected, could you please confirm that you followed the steps in the FAQ section of the integration guide - then email with the following information:

  • Your PagerDuty account subdomain or the email you use to login to your PagerDuty account.
  • The specific PagerDuty Service and integration that you use to trigger the LibreNMS events
  • Any errors you see on the LibreNMS platform when trying to send the event to PagerDuty, such as logs?.

I also found a “New Alerting Template Issues With PagerDuty” community post in LibreNMS that I recommend to take a look to see if you can find any similar issues with your case.


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