Jira Software to PagerDuty Integration issues


(Alex Kiril Ballow) #1

Looking for some help as I used to use Jira Software integration, which became Jira Software (Legacy), which now is not even an option.

I have a single Jira project which has multiple issue types. I had a Jira Software Integration key for each issue type with a JQL with Project AND Issue type. This worked flawlessly until it was removed.

I tried to use Jira Server, which does not allow me to make multiple links to the same Project, with different issue types.

I beleive my only option is to use events api v2, but I have no clue how to get started. How would I link my issue types which are opened to PagerDuty with this api v2.


(Jay Chiarella) #2

Hi Alex,

You should be to connect the same Jira Project multiple times with different Jira Issue Types.

If you are experiencing issues with connecting the same Jira Project while configuring different Jira Issue Types, please write into support@pagerduty.com with a link to this community post along with the version of the PagerDuty plugin version in Jira?

Note we just released a new PagerDuty plugin this week, so I recommend to upgrade to version in any case.


(Alex Kiril Ballow) #3

Thank you, we were using an older version and the upgrade to latest version resolved the issue.

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