Is it necessary to change on call schedules for Daylight Savings for engineers in different countries?

Hi Pagerdduty team,

In our situation, we have engineers here in the USA (California) and engineers in India and Israel and Japan.

What I noticed as of Sunday morning 3/8. Our US start shift times were off by an hour, they should have started at 8:30am pst, but Pagerduty listed them as 9:30am pst.

To fix, I manually changed the shift times, moving them back an hour.

At least one schedule was listed in IST timezone and my user profile shows pst timezone.

My question - Is it necessary to change on call schedules for Daylight Savings for engineers?

I read the articles here on Daylight Saving

Can you clarify what we should expect based on the articles above?
Will we have to do this each time for each schedule? each year?
Or should I simply update the timezone settings for all of our on call schedules from IST (India) to US timezones so they match my user profile, although I am not the account owner?

Hi Dawud,

Thanks for reaching out on Community, like the documents suggested, we do respect the timezones that the schedule and the account wide setting. We don’t have a way to specifically ignore any timezone changes regarding to DST but I will take your feedback and pass this along to our product team and let them know what you are looking for.

Kind regards,

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