Integration with Google Hangouts Chat

Is there any way to integrate pagerduty with Google Hangouts Chat? I would my team to be notified each time new incident is created at dedicated room at hangouts chat.
Google Hangouts supports webhooks but it looks that message format of the Generic Webhook V2 extension does not fits :frowning:

Hi Norbert,

We integrate with Gsuite currently but for the purposes of SSO authentication only. I would be more than happy to pass this along to our product team as a feature request if you like.

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Hi Chris,
That would be awesome, thanks!
I’m looking also also for temporary unless you tell me that this kind of extension ca be available next week :wink:

Sorry, Norbert. I’m not too sure I understand your last message. What are you also looking for?

We do not currently have an ETA on implementing the Google Hangout Chat functionality. We do our best to prioritize customer-reported requests based on the level of impact on all our customers.

I did want to point you to the Google documentation on using webhooks with Hangouts in case this was an option you can try to incorporate. It may require further scripting to be functional with the PagerDuty extensions.

Sorry, in my previous message I lost one word that made my reply totally hard to understand…

It’s great that this can be added to your backlog but since you can’t provide me any ETA (which totally makes sense) I’m also looking for a workaround that will let me integrated PD incidents notifications with Google Chat.

And yes, I’m aware that there is a way to create some kind of middleman between PD and Google Chat that will basically translate PD Webhook structure into something that Google Chat expects but I hoped that there is something I could use out of the box.

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