Incident Urgency is not mapping with Azure OMS


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Hi Team, We integrated azure oms (log analytics) with pagerduty.In pagerduty incident segregation is not happening with respect to Urgency.Observed azure oms alert urgency is different then PD.Can any went through this any solution to map the both.

(geeth) #2

Are you following the Microsoft Azure integration or the Microsoft OMS integration?

With the Microsoft OMS integration, the mapping of the OMS Severity is not tied to PagerDuty’s severity.

If this is something you’re looking to implement, I would highly suggest you to take advantage of global event routing and set the severity when routing the event to the service using conditions from the incoming Microsoft OMS events. Replacing the service-level token with the global one would allow you to start implementing this option.

I had some trouble finding an account tied to your email so do correct me if this is not the case. You can email with the personal details if you require further assistance specific to a particular service-level integration so we can have an example to review.

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Will not be able to apply global event routing .we have services(dev,test,prod) with respect to diff teams(multiple) and diff environments(dev,test,Prod).If global event routing applied, then all the respective events will be routed to only one service ,once required content matched in event rule.

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The only events that would route through the Global Event Routing key are the ones that you end up replacing the service-level integration key with.

It would not default all service-level integrations to start routing to the global key.

You would need to create very specific conditions so that only the OMS alerts are able to meet the criteria and then you can route other integrations in the future through the same token should you need it.

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