How to use multiple escalation policies for different teams in a single Service?


(Abhishek Agarwal) #1

I need to create a Service where I will have to get multiple teams engaged at the same time during an Outage situation. How can I make sure to have multiple escalation policies for one service? I dont see it possible now. If that’s not possible, do you suggest a workaround?

(Waldo G) #2

I’m pretty sure that you can’t assign multiple escalation policies for a single service.

A workaround that would solve those requirements would be to create multiple PD Services, each assigned to a different escalation policy. With this set up, you could possibly have your alerting facility (I’m thinking in terms of Sensu here) send alerts to multiple outputs that map to your PD services.

For instance, using Sensu, you’d create multiple handlers (Say “pagerduty-sales-devs”, “pagerduty-sales-ops” and “pagerduty-sales-bizanalysts”), and in your paging alert, you’d set

"handlers": ["default", "pagerduty-sales-devs", "pagerduty-sales-ops", "pagerduty-sales-bizanalysts"]

When this alert condition triggers, it would hit all of those handlers, each of which maps to a different PagerDuty service, and has their own escalation policy.

Another way you could solve this would be with the use of email distribution lists. Again, with the above named examples, you could have a distro list of “sales-critical-alert” that sends a message to the email integration for “pagerduty-sales-devs”, “pagerduty-sales-ops”, and “pagerduty-sales-bizanalysts”.

What do you think?

(Simon Fiddaman) #3

Sounds like you really want to use the Response Plays feature, @Abhishek_Agarwal

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