How to change linked account


(Roberto De Oliveira) #1

Hi everyone!

I just configured PagerDuty and Slack integration, it’s amazing! But I have a little issue: I have access to PagerDuty with two accounts, one of them as admin and another one as operator, when I received the first slack notification I clicked it to link the accounts and I had active my PagerDuty admin account, now I want to change the association to my operator account but I can’t find where do it or reset it. Does anyone knows how to do it?


(Thomas Roach) #2

Great to hear you’re loving the integration! To unlink the incorrect PagerDuty user, head to the user’s Profile by clicking the silhouette/user icon in the top-right hand corner, selecting My Profile, then navigating to the User Settings tab. From there, you can unlink the user from Slack.

(Roberto De Oliveira) #3

Great! Thanks tom.

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