How to alert multiple people at once, but not during night time?

I’d like to setup Pagerduty so, that it alerts multiple people at once, but not during night time. How do I do that?

I understand that to notify multiple people at once, I need to setup an escalation policy and at the “notify” step, add multiple people there.

But when I add users there, they are notified around the clock. I’d like to set it up so, that there’s no notification being sent between 23:00 and 07:00 (IOW: notifications should only be sent between :clock7: in the morning and :clock11: at night).

With schedules, that’s easy to setup. But a schedule will only notify ONE person.

So… What’s the way to go there? Add schedules for every individual user (ie. a schedule with just 1 user) and in the escalation then notify multiple schedules?

Is that the way to go?

Hey Alexander!

You would need each user in their own schedule where they were only on-call from 07:00-23:00. In place of notifying multiple users at once, you’ll want to add the respective user’s schedule.


Once you have the first schedule saved, you can select Copy This Schedule button (next to the edit schedule button) and replace the User A and save changes for a second user.

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