How do I notify a distribution list or shared group email address?


(Anton Van Oosbree) #1

For this tutorial, you will need to have access to a web server that supports PHP.

  1. Save one of the PHP files listed here:
  2. Modify the email address listed to the address that you’d like to get emails for all incident status changes within your text editor: $emailAddress = "";.
  3. Upload the PHP file to your web server.
  4. Log in to your PagerDuty account.
  5. Go to Configuration → Services and select the service that you’d like to get notified about on incident updates.
  6. By default, you will be directed to the Incidents tab of the service’s individual page. To add a webhook, switch over to the Integrations tab.
  7. Click New Extension.
  8. For the Extension Type select Generic Webhook, then enter a name for your webhook, paste the URL to the PHP script that you uploaded, and click Save.

Now when an incident’s state changes, you will get an email notification. You can customize the script to format the data to your liking. By default it will tell you the incident status, subject, and service, along with a link to the incident. The full JSON payload is sent with the message.

If you’d rather not host a PHP script on your own servers, consider adding a generic distribution list to a Stakeholder user and adding them as a Subscriber.

(Tim Taylor) #2

Could we just have proper, native support for cc:'ing a distribution list? Not only is it a bit silly to have to use a workaround for such a simple feature (PagerDuty is already sending emails to people), the workarounds are each inferior in some way to the email received by the person currently on-call:

  • webhooks: email looks nothing like the incident email received by the current on-call person
  • Response Play (subscriber): doesn’t receive the same notification on incident creation; only receives email when (and if) PagerDuty is used for sending status updates
  • Response Play (additional responder): gets an email with a link to an incident, not the full HTML email received by the current on-call person.

(Thomas Roach) #3

Thank you for your feedback about this! I’ve submitted a feature request on your behalf to our product team.

(Tim Taylor) #4

Thanks for forwarding that along. However, considering PagerDuty staff have already written these articles:

It seems, as an outsider, that the product team is already aware but doesn’t consider it an important enough issue to tackle, despite obvious customer demand (otherwise why write two high-quality support articles with workarounds?). Maybe a little more transparency is in order. Either way, thanks for forwarding the request.

(Baskaran Tranquebar) #7

Hi… we would like to send the incident status updates as ‘simple text message’ instead of email of a text message with a link. How can we set this up?

(system) #8