Honor notification rules upon escalation

As a user, I have my notification preferences set in such a way as I find most useful for ensuring that I don’t miss any PD alerts. This will include text messages, app pushes, phone calls to multiple phones at various points.

This works well when I’m on call. If I don’t get the initial push notification, I’ll get the text message or phone call a minute or two later. This has been very successful for me.

However, when I am called into an incident via an escalation, all of my notification methods go off at the same time. Not only is it loud and annoying, it makes it impossible to reply to any one of them as they compete for the foreground on my devices.

Escalation notification really should follow the same notification rules I have set in my user preferences.


Ajit from the Product team here at PagerDuty.

Thanks for your comments on how our notification rules have been successful for you while you’re on call, yet how our responder request (RR) notifications–sent when you’re added to an incident–have not been.

For context, you’re calling out the fact that our RR notifications use every channel configured in your high-urgency notification rules:

Altering this feature to respect notification rules is a common request and one we’re looking to close later this year. At this point, I can’t provide precise timing, other than this work would occur no earlier than the second half of 2019.

Appreciate your patience as we look to improve, please stay tuned!



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