Hi, I'm Simon, 2018 PagerDuty Community Champion

Hi all,

I’m Simon, and last year I was PagerDuty’s Community Champion. :smiley:

Originally from Australia, I now live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Here I operate a NOC for a global organisation, focussing on Incident Response.

This year I’m implementing PagerDuty’s Incident Response framework for our business to our 300+ Incident Responders. Ask me how that’s going! (It’s going well!)

I’m passionate about excellence in Digital Operations so I’m also pushing to implement Google’s Four Golden Signals as our Incident triggers to more closely marry customer impact to our Incidents.

I’ve been using PagerDuty for about four years here and enjoy helping others make the best of it. Ping me if you think I can help. :slight_smile:



Hiya Simon! :wave:

Hiya Rachel! :slight_smile: