Hey all - Rob Hartley

Hello, I’m Rob Hartley currently working for Equifax and over the last 1.5 years I’ve become an unofficial PagerDuty Evangelist. My main focus at Equifax is PagerDuty working with onboarding new teams/individuals, training, and educating on all things PagerDuty. My main focus over the next couple of months is to educate teams on taking advantage of all the integrations and PagerDuty Service for more granular Event correlation and management.

oh hi Rob! Now I see where you’re an Evangelist - I love it! Thanks so much for being a champion! We are excited to have you on the forums and out there spreading the word.

That’s awesome that you can focus on educating your teams to take advantage of the integrations we offer - that sounds like an fabulous gig!

Will we see you at PagerDuty Summit? https://summit.pagerduty.com/