Help - Integrating Freshservice to PagerDuty via workflow automations

(Thomas Jaehnigen) #1

I am able to use the normal Freshservice to PagerDuty integration and it is working - Great! (I am not a developer)

This allows me to decide what Freshservice tickets to go to PagerDuty to ONE PD Service and Escalation. Great!

But I have a more complex use case.

I currently have 4 Freshdesk instances that I want to merge down in to a single Freshservice instance. Through the Freshservice Workflow Automator, they have a feature that says ‘Trigger Webhook’ and gives you space to indicate the Request Type, the Callback URL, Authentication checkbox (to insert API key and/or Username/Password), Encoding types, and then it lets me choose various Freshservice fields to send over to Pagerduty.

What this would allow me to do, according to the Freshservice folks, is do things over in PagerDuty. The GOAL here is to trigger certain tickets for Big Customer A to go to a PagerDuty Service/Escalation (let’s call it Big Customer A Service in PD). Then, I want to trigger certain tickets for Big Customer B to go to a DIFFERENT PagerDuty Service/Escalation (call this one Big Customer B Service in PD). And so on.

How do I find out what the PagerDuty callback URL is for me (my instance of PagerDuty account I guess?).

Or, if I am just doing this wrong, I’d appreciate being pointed to the correct documentation link or existing solution to this problem. Remember - I want to do this in ONE Freshservice instance (to simplify my life (and reduce costs is bonus)).

Correct me if I am wrong, but if I just converted all 4 of my Freshdesk Instances to Freshservice, I could probably do this very easily by connecting each different Freshservice instance to the same PagerDuty account, right?

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

(Paul) #2

Hi Thomas,

Here is a link to our FreshService integration guide. It sounds like the easiest way to do this would indeed be to use a single Freshservice instance as you suggested, so if that is feasible for you, that is what I would recommend. In order to have incidents trigger on different services, you can use our global event routing feature. This allows you to set up rules to parse through the event that is sent in and determine which service to route it to.

If you have account-specific information that you would like us to take a look at, please email us at and we would be happy to provide further assistance.

(system) #3