Hello pagerduty Community from Seattle

Hello everyone I’m Brandon and am a systems/software engineer in the Seattle area.

I enjoy long pagerduty-barbershop ballads whilst doing my favorite past times: sleeping, eating dinner, showering, skateboarding, working, dates, family events, and other great interruptible moments. :joy:

Unfortunately, my oncall week is about every 6 weeks so I only get to listen to “The Server is on Fire” 14.3% of the time during my life.

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Hi Brandon! Welcome to the PD community! We are excited to have you!


Welcome :slight_smile:

I just want to set the record straight here and make sure you know that YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT ANY TIME YOU WANT @histamineblkr!

Haha that’s fair. You are technically correct that I can listen to it any time.

Julie, thank you for the warm welcome.