Hello! I'm Matty!

Hello PagerDuty Pals!

My name is Matty Stratton, and I’m a DevOps Advocate here at PagerDuty. I’ve been a part of PD since 2017, and previously, I worked at Chef Software, helping folks do awesome things with infrastructure as code.

Before spending time talking about all this stuff, I spent the better part of two decades in IT Ops, for e-commerce companies as well as large insurance and financial institutions. I hail from the Chicagoland area, where you can find me as an organizer of the DevOpsDays Chicago conference. I love traveling around the world, meeting new people in the DevOps space and always learning.

You can see where I’ll be speaking at upcoming conferences on my speaking page. I’d love to talk to you about your on-call experiences!


Fun fact: Matty is the DevOpsDays Chicago yak
Sad fact: there’s no yak emoji :slightly_frowning_face: