Hello from Ohio


I’ve been using PagerDuty (and been first on-call usually) for 4 years now in a one team model, my employer for somewhat longer. Now we’re a part of a larger organization, Vector Solutions, and I’m overhauling the way we use PagerDuty for several teams.

I’m also moving into using Terraform to manage PagerDuty and its integrations (like StatusCake). Looking to see where else we can integrate things in AWS and more. My goal is that when we use Terraform to setup a system or user it automatically sets up the appropriate monitoring/alerting and PagerDuty integration.

I’m not sure how else we might use PagerDuty. There have been so many announcements I’ve lost track of what we might do with it and what requires additional money.


Welcome, Scott! Let us know if you have any questions or issues with Terraform. I’ve gotten involved with the Provider project and would be happy to help. Be sure to post your questions here because I’m sure others will benefit from the discussion.

Happy to have you here!