Hello from Montreal, QC

Manage the support team here and we are excited to start integrating PD with our support processes.
Anyone else has recommendations for client-facing teams utilizng PD in their workflow?

Hi Jerry!

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Would you believe that PagerDuty’s support team uses PagerDuty? :slight_smile:

We use Zendesk, and we’ve set up a few automations and triggers with a Zendesk to PagerDuty integration to trigger PagerDuty incidents on services that page individual team members (and managers) whenever tickets go without a response for too long. This helps us make sure we’re meeting our internal goal of responding to all customer inquiries within a specific amount of time.

We’ve heard similar use cases from customers using Freshdesk, ServiceNow, and other ticketing systems as well.

This sounds interesting. As we know the extent to what and who can 'ping" can get extensive. I would love to see a specific example(s) if possible.
Could we connect on a call or meeting?

Let me know,

I believe things go to Slack first and then PagerDuty after a certain amount of time, that way people don’t get paged until something really needs attention.

@kat or @tyler - would y’all be able share more details on what Support has tried over the years and how things are working today?

Hi Jerry! It’s awesome to hear that you’re planning to integrate PD with your support processes. I head up PagerDuty’s Support org and we use our own product internally as Jonathan mentioned. Your needs and use case may differ but happy to share a few notes on what we’ve found useful:

  • Using PD to notify us when we have high-priority tickets and/or tickets tied to an SLA which require our attention. We use Zendesk as our main Support tool, and we use the Zendesk to PagerDuty integration to notify us when something needs our attention. We used to do this with all tickets which approached a certain timeframe. This got quite noisy, so we’ve since scaled it back to just the high priority tickets which are subject to an SLA, or the next highest priority which may not have an SLA but should still be answered quickly based on priority. Our notifications structure on those is relatively aggressive so that we don’t miss those SLAs but since reducing which tickets we notify on, the noise is much more manageable :slight_smile:
  • The other major use case for our team is outside of our day to day workflow, utilizing PagerDuty’s response mobilization features to make sure that Support is looped in whenever PagerDuty is experiencing a service degradation; during incident response our team helps get messaging posted to our status page as well as distributed internally, and the Support on-call keeps the rest of Support up to speed on the issue so that we can understand how best to support our customers until it’s resolved. While again, this isn’t part of our day to day, it really helps with those exceptional situations where we need to stay informed and do so quickly.

I’d be happy to jump on a call and talk through some of these ideas more! I’ll send you a direct ping so that we can find a way to connect.

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This is awesome! :pray:

We will be in touch.