Hello From Dallas

Hi, I’m Ryan from Dallas. We use PagerDuty a lot where I work and have been for 5 years. However PagerDuty has evolved a lot since we started using it and I know there are a lot of new features we can take advantage of but we haven’t been. I enjoy a lot of the analytics and big data blogs PD posts about the “on call industry”

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Hey Ryan,

I have family in Denton, not too far from you. Nice to have another Texan in the community!

We see that a bit with folks who have been with us a long time. It can be challenging to adopt new bits of PagerDuty. Mostly because it “just works” and when you think about it most, it’s usually because you have other problems to deal with. If you ever want to chat about some of those challenges, reach out and we’d love to talk.

Also let us know if there are subjects you’re curious about, would like to contribute to, or that you think it’d be cool if we spent some time exploring. Welcome to the PD Community!