Hello from CCC in Chicago

I work for auto collision software as IT Operations Analyst and been here for 15 years. I am excited about bringing PD into our infrastructure. I was tasked with getting all teams within our IT Ops into PD and am looking for clever ideas on how to get teams excited about PD. Please share you ideas on how I can get everyone excited and put an end to a never ending excel sheets w/ schedules.

Hi Toni,

Welcome - we are so happy you’re part of the PagerDuty community!

We are pumped you’re bringing PD to your team’s infra. Never-ending excel sheets doesn’t sound too fun, so I’m sure exciting your team about PD won’t be too hard!

For getting your team on board with schedules, you can check out the ‘schedules’ tag in getting started: https://community.pagerduty.com/tags/schedules and see what cool info we have there as you get things set up. You could also share the page on our website about on-call management and the impact it makes: https://www.pagerduty.com/platform/on-call-management/?type=nav. Or you could check out some of our customer testimonials about our on-call management product on this page: https://www.pagerduty.com/customers/?type=nav and they can get your team excited.

Again, thanks for being here, and for being a PagerDuty customer!