Hello from ATL!

Hello everyone!

I’m Jim, the new Engineering Manager on the Integrations team here at PagerDuty! I’m excited to be part of the PD community and part of the team delivering some of the key integrations everyone knows and loves :slight_smile:

I originally hail from Wisconsin and have been living in Atlanta for the past seven years. In my previous experience, I worked in the startup world, where I was responsible for writing and maintaining many different types of integrations.

In my free time, I like to stay active – I’m either out walking or running with my dog, walking around aimlessly playing AR games in the wild, or cooking up a tasty meal for my family :man_cook:

I look forward to hearing what types of integrations the community is looking for, along with any specifics on enhancements to the existing integrations we have on our platform.


Welcome, @jschindler! Glad to have you on board here in the Community as well as at the company. What’s your favorite kind of food to cook?