Free PagerDuty Stickers Are Back and Here to Stay!


Does your laptop have some cold, lonely, empty space on it that could use a good friend? Well, good news - we’re bringing back free PagerDuty stickers for anybody who wants them - and we’re including our brand new community exclusive Pagey laptop sticker (shown above)! :pagey:

All you have to do is write a self-introduction post in the PagerDuty forums, then tell us where to send your stickers. That’s it! The hardest part is going to be deciding how to place them.

How to Get Your Stickers

  1. :selfie: Fill out your profile and upload an avatar
  2. :writing_hand: Introduce yourself to the community by creating a new topic in the Introductions category
  3. :mailbox_with_mail: Tell us where to send your stickers

That’s it! Sit back and relax, you’ll get your stickers in about a month.

Oh yeah, one more thing… You actually have to say something meaningful about yourself; simply posting “I like stickers” or “testing” won’t do it. Introductions tell the community who you are, not just that you like stickers and free stuff!

Writer’s block? We can’t write these things for you (new startup idea? :bulb:) , but we’ve got a few tips and you can check our other people’s examples to get some ideas if you’re not sure what to say about yourself.

Good luck! We look forward to getting to know you in PagerDuty Community :slight_smile:

Official Rules

  • You do not have to be a PagerDuty customer to qualify, but you must have an active account on
  • You have to fill out your profile (doesn’t have to be completely filled out, but it can’t be blank) and have a custom avatar (doesn’t have to be a photo of you, but you can’t use the default monogram).
  • You must create a new topic in the Introductions category introducing yourself to the PagerDuty Community. See our tips and other people’s intros if you aren’t sure where to start.
  • You must accept the PagerDuty Privacy Policy and tell us where to send your stickers.
  • We’ll send them out via USPS First-Class Mail within a month. We can’t make special arrangements with any other mail couriers for you.
  • We’re not responsible for sticker packs being undeliverable or lost due to incorrect address information being provided, mail courier error, etc.
  • Only one (1) sticker pack per member. Stay tuned for how you can get more free stickers and swag in the future!

Unofficial Rules

  • Any mention of pets in your introduction requires you to include a photo of said pet or a link to their Instagram account (they have one, right? :dog:).
  • Unofficial rules can be modified at any time with or without notice.

never received my stickers :frowning:

Hey @benyitzhaki -

You haven’t been forgotten! I’ll be sending stickers to people who posted in June & July next week :blush:

awesome! my laptop is waiting for those :slight_smile:
any chance you can add some so i can share with my colleagues?

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There are some duplicates in each sticker pack… but some they’ll have to fight you for, or write their own intros to get. :wink:

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How much time it usually takes to receive the :package: ?
I’m in India, so, was wondering about the time it’ll take for me to get those tasty swags :grin:

I had registered 3 days ago

Oh yes oh yes oh yes! :partying_face:

I think, they’ll need to be registering to the PG community.

Hi @chireholi - we send them out once a month, and we send them via the mail. I’m not sure offhand how long it will take in transit - but I’m betting a month may be a safe guess. There may be more accurate transit information available online. I hope this info helps!

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I am from Nepal, and I just followed all the steps (filled up my profile, uploaded an avatar and other two images, and introduced myself to the community) and just filled up the form for requesting stickers.

I hope to receive an email soon when the stickers are shipped.

Binit Ghimire

Yes, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Binit!
We will send you a message when they ship later this month. Thank you for being a part of the PagerDuty community!

Hello Rachel!

Thank you for letting me know about it! I am really excited to receive a message from the team regarding the shipment.

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