Find Out Who is On-call Via Slack


What’s the status of this?

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@sean Please advise on how to sign up for this early access program. Our company had recently went all in with PagerDuty and this will be of great help across all our teams. Thanks.

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Hi folks - I sent direct messages to the recent replies with more info!


I would love to have early access to this feature. Please reach out.

Our use case is pretty simple, post in a channel when a schedule rolls over (maybe provide a mapping of schedules to channels). Slack command to see who is on call for a given service/schedule.

I have not seen any update on this thread in quite awhile. Is the early access program still available? We would like to be a part of it and also know when this feature may become available.

It’s almost the weekend and you are not on call. Good for you! Want to make sure no one bothers you? Help make it easy for them to find out who’s on call from Slack.

Thanks to all the great feedback from those in the community we made a lot improvements to on call capabilities for Slack. Find out who’s on call for any service or team in 10 seconds or less. You can even automate keeping your channel topic updated with the latest on call details.
I just finished a guide on how to set things up in just a couple minutes.
Check it out and enjoy your freedom this weekend!

Help make PagerDuty + Slack awesome! As always I love your feedback and ideas for improvement. Chances are if we don’t do it today we can in a just a couple days.

Who wants to change or override schedules from Slack?


Can I please be added to the early access program. Specifically my team needs a /oncall command within Slack.


Hi Sean,

Can you please add me to early access?


@sean Can I also be added to this early access? This is a super exciting feature and we’d really love to use it.

Hi Sean,

My team would like access to this EAP feature as well.

Question? What do people use as their source for who’s on call? Is it by service, or team, or escalation policy?

I know an escalation policy can be tied to a service and a team, so what’s the purpose then of looking up a specific escalation policy?

Appreciate any thoughts.

If possible my team would also like access to this feature

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@sean Samesies as far as information on the feature! Our team was exploring writing our own integration but this would save a lot of time if it’s already integrated into PD :slight_smile: