Event rule to add responder/stakeholder

Is there a way to add responders or stakeholders to an alert based on a service event rule. Say if an alert included certain words pertaining to a specific piece of code, someone who cares about that code could always be notified?

Hey Nils,

Ajit from the Product team here at PagerDuty.

Thanks for your suggestion on how adding responders and stakeholders–features of our Modern Incident Response product–could be improved.

Often we see responders and stakeholders added via our response play feature, particularly if there are large numbers of users to add or if there’s a standard pattern our response plays can automate.

We are looking at making the triggering of response plays more flexible later in the year.

In addition to the idea of triggering action based on keywords as you’ve suggested, we are also exploring kicking off different workflows and plays based on incident priority.

I suggest you check back in with us in September, when we’ll be further along with our design concept and are able to share more precisely how we see this coming together.


Hi Ajit,

Thanks for your reply. I will try to check back in September.

I would love for there to just be another action in the event rules to notify a specific user.


The way to do this is to create a Response Play that is set to No one can run this play on demand (For automated use by services only)

Then create a Service you want use for the incidents in your use case and do the following two things:

Escalation Policy: Put the escalation policy of the people that should get paged
Response Play: Enable this option, then pick the Play you created for the stakeholders.

Now every-time an incident is created in that Service is will notify both the proper Responders and the appropriate Stakeholders.

Ps… You will need to have an Event Rule to match the piece of code you are interested in filtering to send to the Service you created above.

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