Escalation Policy Alerting everyone

We currently have an escalation policy that alerts on 6 layers, each escalation with a timeout period of 15 minutes. Question is based on an example below. As we move through the layers, when layer 3 gets an alert, does everyone above (layer1&2) get alerted? If not, is there a possibility to set this up?

Layer 1 alert > does not respond > 15 minutes > escalate
Layer 2 alert > does not respond > 15 minutes > escalate
Layer 3 alert > does respond

HI Joey,

It’s not possible to Alert the whole team/multiple levels of an Escalation Policy at once, but you can set the EP to loop back around. Read up on this with the link below -


Understood. I’ve added multiple people per layer to accomplish this.

Layer 1 was the primary schedule.
Layer 2 was the manager.
Layer 3 was the director.

Layer 1 is the primary schedule.
Layer 2 is the manager & primary schedule.
Layer 3 is the director & manager & primary schedule.


Awesome! Glad we got it to where you wanted.


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